Polvo de espirulina azul espirulina orgánica al por mayor
Polvo de espirulina azul espirulina orgánica al por mayor
Polvo de espirulina azul espirulina orgánica al por mayor
Polvo de espirulina azul espirulina orgánica al por mayor
Polvo de espirulina azul espirulina orgánica al por mayor
Polvo de espirulina azul espirulina orgánica al por mayor
Polvo de espirulina azul espirulina orgánica al por mayor

Polvo de espirulina azul espirulina orgánica al por mayor

USD 0.50-3.50 / pieza
Cantidad mínima de pedido:
12000 pieza
2000000.0 pieza / De
  • Product Name:Fat Burning Effervescent Tablet
  • Shape:Round
  • Main Ingredient:Lotus leaf extract, alisma extract, L-carnitine
  • Formula:As your request
  • OEM:Yes
  • Certificate:GMP/HACCP/BRC
  • Packing:8 Tablets/tube
  • Flavor:Orange Etc
  • Function:Beauty Products
  • Type:Herb Supplement
  • Dosage Form:Tablets
  • Place of Origin:CN;SHN
  • Brand Name:Private Label/OEM
  • Model Number:02188
Product Description
Product Name
Fat Burn Herbal Complex Effervescent Tablet
Main Ingredients
Lotus leaf extract, alisma extract, L-carnitine, Xylo-oligosaccharide, citric acid, sodium carbonate, malic acid, leucine, sucralose
Size & Shape
1.8 g / round
Orange, Lemon, or as your request
Up to standard
18 pcs/tube
Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light.
Shelf life
2 years when properly stored.

Lotus leaf

There have been studies showing that the Lotus leaf has been used during ancient times in traditional Chinese medicine due to its weight-reducing properties.
The best thing about using lotus leaf extracts for weight loss is that it can help prevent fats and
carbohydrates from getting absorbed, which improves metabolism rate.


Alisma is known to promote digestive health due to its high fiber content. The rich fiber content in alisma helps facilitate proper digestion, improve bowel movement, and relieve constipation, thus inducing healthy weight loss as excess water is eliminated from the body.
Alisma is found to relieve other digestive issues.


L-carnitine is an amino acid that is produced in the body.
L-carnitine helps the body turn fat into energy.
L-carnitine is taken by mouth to increase L-carnitine levels in people whose natural level of L-carnitine is too low.
L-carnitine helps the body produce energy.
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Our Advantage

Our advantages

1. Dietary Supplement & High Concentration.
2. Purity & Potency Guaranteed.
3. Nutrifirst Biotech Inc. is involved in manufacturing a wide range of Pellets capsules namely sustained release/ Ready to Fill Pellets & Nutraceutical pellets, which we export all over the world.
4. We can customize orders to suit any of your dietary supplements needs and help you gain competitive advantage in the industry. We will work with you to make sure your supplement is manufactured in the way you desire and with raw materials you prefer.

Our Company

Nutrifirst Biotech Inc. is subjected to Nutrifirst Group, which main business includes investment, finance, Dietary Supplements etc. has been a professional supplier of dietary supplements from Nutrifirst Group with high quality according to GMP guidelines and standards in China since 2001, in different dosage forms including tablets, hard capsules, soft capsules, pellets, premix, granules and powder.
Our competitive prices, experience, efficiency, and reliability have won confidence and goodwill among our many customers around the world.
Our products are exported to USA, UK, Germany, Czech, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, etc.

Packing & Delivery

1. What is the website of your company?

2.Where are your products from?
All products are from Nutrifirst Group.

3.Which certificate can you provide?

4.What service can you provide?
*Contract manufacturing and private label.
* Dietary ingredients(Powders and granules)
*Premix(Vitamins,Minerals,Herb extracts...)
* Tablets,effervescent & Chewable tablets (different shape & size)
* Softgels capsules(different shape & size)
* Hard Capsules (vegetarian HPMC and gelatin)
* Sustained-release pellets formulation
* Package(in Bulk,Blisters, Jars,Bottles,Boxes,Sachets and Stick-Packs)

5.What's MOQ?
MOQ is different for different product. 

6.Can you produce the goods as per our specification?
Of course, OEM is available.

7.What is your current production capacities?
• Tablets - 1 million/day
• Softgel Capsules - 4 million/day
• Hard Capsules - 1 million/day
• Packaging - 10,000 Bottles/day
• Granulation - 6000 Kgs/day
• Powder Fill - 5,000 Jars/day
• Multi Packs - 5,000 Packs/day