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Natural Organic Anthocyanin 25% Bilberry Extract Powder for Eye Health
Natural Organic Anthocyanin 25% Bilberry Extract Powder for Eye Health
Natural Organic Anthocyanin 25% Bilberry Extract Powder for Eye Health
Natural Organic Anthocyanin 25% Bilberry Extract Powder for Eye Health
Natural Organic Anthocyanin 25% Bilberry Extract Powder for Eye Health
Natural Organic Anthocyanin 25% Bilberry Extract Powder for Eye Health
Natural Organic Anthocyanin 25% Bilberry Extract Powder for Eye Health

Natural Organic Anthocyanin 25% Bilberry Extract Powder for Eye Health

Model NO.:
USD 20.00-120.00 / kilograms
Minimum order quantity:
25 kilograms
Supply Ability:
5000 kilograms / Month
Country of Origin:
Main Port, China
  • Form:Powder
  • Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
  • Packaging:Drum
  • Packaging:Plastic Container
  • Packaging:Vacuum Packed
  • Place of Origin:CN;SHN
  • Type:Bilberry Extract
  • Grade:Pharmaceutical and Food Grade
  • Brand Name:Nutrifirst
  • Model Number:04022
  • Part:Fruit
Product Description
Product Name
Natural Organic Anthocyanin 25% Bilberry Extract Powder for Eye Health
Latin Name
Vaccinium Vitis-idaea L
Parts of Extraction
Fine red-purple powder
Extract Solution
Ethanol & Water
5-25% Anthocyanidins UV,25% Anthocyanosides UV, Ratio 4:1,or as your request
Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement
25kg/fiber drum( 40cmX50cm) or as your request
Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light.
Shelf life
2 years when properly stored.
Bilberry is a plant. The dried, ripe fruit and leaves are used to make medicine.Bilberry is used for improving eyesight, including night vision. In fact, during World War II, British pilots in the Royal Air Force ate bilberry jam to improve their night vision, but later research showed it probably didn't help. Bilberry is also used for treating eye conditions such as cataracts and disorders of the retina. There is some evidence that bilberry may help retinal disorders.
Some people use bilberry for conditions of the heart and blood vessels including hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), varicose veins, decreased blood flow in the veins, and chest pain.
Bilberry is also used for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), hemorrhoids, diabetes, osteoarthritis, gout, skin infections, gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, kidney disease, and urinary tract infections (UTIs).
It is sometimes applied directly to the inside of the mouth for mild mouth and throat soreness.

How does it work?

Bilberry contains chemicals called tannins that can help improve diarrhea, as well as mouth and throat irritation, by reducing swelling (inflammation). There is some evidence that the chemicals found in bilberry leaves can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Some researchers think that chemicals called flavonoids in bilberry leaf might also improve circulation in people with diabetes. Circulation problems can harm the retina of the eye.


Bilberries have great health benefits due to the compounds inside including Anthocyanins, Resveratrol (health compound in red wine), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Ellagic acid. There are many benefits including these top ten:1. Improves day and night vision for the eyes. Bilberries have amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the bilberry may benefit glaucoma, cataracts, and vision but more research is warranted. Despite the British pilot story of bilberries consumed for night vision, further research is still needed to substantiate overall eye health benefits. However, there are many other verified benefits of this berry, and many other foods that benefit healthy eyes.62. Lowers blood sugar (glucose). Bilberries have been used for controlling blood sugars in people with diabetes. Studies indicate that bilberries can inhibit glucose spikes following high sugar content meals.73. Anti-inflammatory: The anthocyanins contained in bilberries have anti-inflammatory benefits. The human body uses inflammation as a protective mechanism but as we age many diseases result in chronic inflammation. The phenolic compounds in bilberries help fight degradation of cell proteins.84. Promotes urinary tract health and protects against urinary tract infections. Bilberries have a long past of treating UTI’s. This is due to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of bilberries. Studies show that a treatment can be as simple as drinking 2-3 cups of bilberry leaf tea a day for a week.95. Promotes antioxidant defense. The bilberry is an antioxidant powerhouse like cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or plums, and is a top antioxidant leader. It’s effective in scavenging free radicals and defending the body against oxidation.106. Helps eliminate circulation problems. The cardiovascular system can be subject to many diseases of aging including high blood pressure, high uric acid, raised cholesterol and more. Berries and their berry cousin bilberries have cardioprotective properties attributed to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.117. Lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Early research shows that Alzheimer symptoms may be reduced from the anthocyanins in bilberries. This is promising and more research is warranted.128. Effective for treating diarrhea. Bilberries have a colorful past in Europe of helping treat diarrhea. The tannins contained in berries have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that can decrease intestinal inflammation, thereby, helping with the symptoms of diarrhea.129. Helps prevent cancer. Cancer is the result of genetic mutations or damage to the DNA. While many studies have shown the general benefits of consuming more fruit and vegetables to prevent cancer, there is limited research on the benefits of individual foods. Research has demonstrated that berries and even bilberries alone have anticancer properties.1310. Bilberry benefits for weight loss: According to a study published in Nutrition and Metabolism, the anthocyanins in bilberries interfere with insulin suppressing the genes triggered by high blood glucose levels. By regulating blood sugar levels, the bilberry can impact fat deposits.14All berries have been a common companion in the human diet for centuries. Of all types of berries, the bilberry contains many health properties but it is especially the anthocyanins that have the broadest health benefits. Given the superfood powers of the bilberry, most people would benefit from adding this marvelous berry to your diet. We would love to hear about your experiences, benefits, and recipes with berries, or specifically bilberries. Share with the LifeSeasons community and support our belief that knowledge is power and our community our life source.
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Our Advantages
1. Dietary Supplement & High Concentration.
2. Purity & Potency Guaranteed.
3. Nutrifirst Biotech Inc. is involved in manufacturing a wide range of Pellets capsules namely sustained release/ Ready to Fill Pellets & Nutraceutical pellets, which we export all over the world.
4. We can customize orders to suit any of your dietary supplements needs and help you gain competitive advantage in the industry. We will work with you to make sure your supplement is manufactured in the way you desire and with raw materials you prefer.
Company Profile
Nutrifirst Biotech Inc. is subjected to Nutrifirst Group, which main business includes investment, finance, Dietary Supplements etc. has been a professional supplier of dietary supplements from Nutrifirst Group with high quality according to GMP guidelines and standards in China since 2001, in different dosage forms including tablets, hard capsules, soft capsules, pellets, premix, granules and powder.
Our competitive prices, experience, efficiency, and reliability have won confidence and goodwill among our many customers around the world.
Our products are exported to USA, UK, Germany, Czech, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, etc.
Product packaging

1. What is the website of your company?

2.Where are your products from?
All products are from Nutrifirst Group.

3.Which certificate can you provide?

4.What service can you provide?
*Contract manufacturing and private label.
* Dietary ingredients(Powders and granules)
*Premix(Vitamins,Minerals,Herb extracts...)
* Tablets,effervescent & Chewable tablets (different shape & size)
* Softgels capsules(different shape & size)
* Hard Capsules (vegetarian HPMC and gelatin)
* Sustained-release pellets formulation
* Package(in Bulk,Blisters, Jars,Bottles,Boxes,Sachets and Stick-Packs)

5.What's MOQ?
MOQ is different for different product. 

6.Can you produce the goods as per our specification?
Of course, OEM is available.

7.What is your current production capacities?
• Tablets - 1 million/day
• Softgel Capsules - 4 million/day
• Hard Capsules - 1 million/day
• Packaging - 10,000 Bottles/day
• Granulation - 6000 Kgs/day
• Powder Fill - 5,000 Jars/day
• Multi Packs - 5,000 Packs/day